These are our FAQs designed to help answer common questions quickly. Easyweigh hopes to do our best to provide answers to the questions you feel confused about. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us online.


General Question

Q: Which way shipping Easyweigh?

A: Our transportation modes are diverse, including sea freight, air freight, rail freight, or a combination of these modes, etc.

Q: What are the main payment methods supported by Easyweigh?

A: Our common payment methods are Remittance (T/T) and Letter of Credit (L/C). Of course, we also support other payment methods, please contact to our sales staff for details.


Q: How long is the delivery of Easyweigh equipment?

A: It’s about 20 to 35 days.

Q: How long is the warranty period for Easyweigh equipment?

A: It's one year warranty for the whole equipment. Additionally, we provide lifetime paid service.

Q: How can I install the equipment after I purchase it?

A: Our equipment installation service is very complete. We offer on-site and remote installation services. Our overseas installation services are still running even under the current epidemic control.

Q: What kind of packaging for equipment export?

A: Our company adopts high-density wooden boxes for packaging.

Q: Does the operating system of Easyweigh equipment support multiple languages?

A: Yes, we can customize operating systems in multiple languages.

Q: Does your company have agent distributors?

A: Yes, we have agent distributors in many countries, please contact our sales staff for details.

Q: Which model of equipment should I choose for my products?

A: You don't need to worry about this problem. You only need to provide specific information about products. Such as size and packing materials are necessary information for us. We'll offer a perfect solution according to your product information.

Q: What is the lifespan of Easyweigh X-ray inspection system?

A: About ten thousand hours.


Q: What is the accuracy of Easyweigh X-ray inspection system?

A: This depends mainly on the product itself. Such as size, weight, and package maybe affect the equipment. In addition to this, the external environment and other factors also can affect the accuracy of the equipment.


Q: Are X-rays safe for detection?

Easyweigh X-rays inspection systems radiation are controlled in the following 1uSv / h (U.S. standards for 5uSv / h, other regional standards for 1uSv / h). Radiation levels meet international standards. Our company has passed CE and FDA certifications.



X-ray Inspection System FAQs

Q: Which factors can cause Metal Detector to a false alarm?

A: Factors like strong magnetic interference, power interference, incorrect installation and huge metal parts that move near the detector can cause a false alarm. You should avoid these factors when using a metal detector.


Q: Which factors affect sensitivity?

A: The sensitivity of the metal detector is determined by many factors. Such as product effect, shape, size of the sensor head, the operating environment, the packaging material of products, etc.


Q: Which kinds of metal can be detected by metal detectors?

A: Ferrous has high magnetic permeability. So Carbon steel, Non-ferrous (like Copper, Lead, Brass, Bronze ironcan be detected easily by metal detectors. Stainless iron (304 and 316) also can be detected.



Metal Detector FAQs

Checkweigher FAQs


Q: What is the accuracy of the checkweigher?

A: This is related to the running speed of checkweigher belt. the weight of products, the shape of materials, etc.



Q: Can Easyweigh checkweighers be connected to peripheral equipment?

A: Yes, our equipment supports the connection of multiple external equipment. We can manage multiple machines at the same time. Our equipment supports multiple communication protocol formats to connect to metal detectors, labeling machines, printers and coding machines.


Q: Why choose Easyweigh checkweigher?

A: Easyweigh checkweigher parameters are set using guided operation, making the product easy to convert, and even novices can become familiar with the operation in a short time.


Q: How many levels can Easyweigh weigh grader be divided?

A: Easyweigh Weigh graders are divided into 4 to 16 levels generally. We also offer a custom grading service. It makes us customize equipment to best fit your product.




Q: What is the waterproof level of Easyweigh Weigh grader?

A: The waterproof level is from IP65 to IP67.


Q: Are Easyweigh Weight graders can link to peripheral devices?

A: Users can connect multiple peripheral devices. It is also possible to manage multiple weight graders at the same time to improve your production efficiency.


Question After Sales


Weight Grader FAQs


Q: What should I do if my equipment breaks down?

A: Don't worry about that. First, you can contact our after-sales service team. Then, you need to tell us the specific situation. At last, we will provide you with the most complete solution according to your situation.

Q: When and how should I contact your after-sales team if there is an after-sales question?

A: Our company's after-sales team provides 24-hour online service. If you have any questions, you can contact our after-sales team via WhatsApp, WeChat, email, etc. We will serve you as soon as possible.

Q: How should I extend the lifespan of the equipment?

A: We usually need to do maintenance work. Regardless of the specifications of the equipment, it has its own use maintenance method.

1. You should according to the requirements of the manual to operate our equipment.

2. You should stay regular maintenance to prevent the interference and impact caused by improper operation. It will also reduce equipment failure.


Regardless of which part of the equipment parts are damaged, it will cause the high cost of replacing parts. Funding for replacement parts is higher than long-term maintenance funding. So we must pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment. It will improve the service lifespan of the equipment to create greater value for you.

Q: Where is the machine number?

A: It’s on the electrical box.


Q: How do I explain the after-sales problem?

A: When you need to explain the after-sales problem, only provide the machine number to our after-sales service staff. We can get all the information about your equipment and provide you with a solution as soon as possible.