Before Sales Service

Personalized performance testing services



Before we purchase the equipment, most customers have a common concern about whether the performance of our machines is consistent with the description on the page? You can absolutely rest assured that our equipment is in accordance with HACCP, BRC, IFS associations and ISO 9000 quality management system. We can provide personalized performance testing services for customers. To ensure that your purchased equipment can be perfectly adapted to your product line.



Easyweigh offers the following services;

What is the performance testing service?


For the product, we offer two solutions, as follows;


The first is that you can send your product directly to us. We can show you the test results of the machine in operation.


Secondly, you can provide specific data (size, weight, etc.) of your product to our sales staff directly. We can purchase products with similar specifications to your product locally for testing.


As for metal testing cards, testing cards are an integral part of our performance testing services. Our company provides various types and sizes of testing cards. We provide stainless steel cards, iron cards, non-ferrous metal cards, ceramic cards and glass for you. The accuracy and stability of the equipment are ensured by adding test cards for comparison during performance testing.


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