FMD-5520 Tunnel Metal Detector

FMD-5520 Tunnel Metal Detector

Technical description 1.Detector is made by hard filling technology with better stability.  

2.An intelligent learning function, automatically set parameters with simple operation. 

3.Multiple filtering algorithm, X - R orthogonal decomposition algorithm, stronger anti-interference.

 4.Phase intelligent tracking technology, better stability. 

 5.Anti-interference photoelectric isolation drive, remote installation operation panel.  

6.Based on adaptable DDS and DSP technology , they can improve detection sensitivity and stability.

  7.Store 100 kinds of product parameters by ferromagnetic random access memory.  

8.Frame and roller made by 304 stainless steel , strong and durable.  

9.Can detect all kinds of metal including Iron, Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminum.