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Fruits And Vegetable Weight Grader YGW-YPFG160F6/FG20000 is designed for sorting grading fruits vegetables.

The working process includes these steps. Firstly, fruits enter the conveyor belt from the hopper. Second, fruits fall on the cup and are weighed by the sensor. At last, the electromagnet pops into each discharge hopper according to the fruit weight.

It is mainly suitable for the weighted grading and sorting of fruits and vegetables. Such as oranges, peaches, potatoes, onions, dragon fruits, etc.

Key Features 

High efficiency

The sorting machine working time of fruits and vegetables can reach up to 16,000 pcs/hour. Also, it can reduce the damage of the fruit in the weighing process. The design of this kind of equipment fits for sorting and grading of fruits and vegetables perfectly.

To meet food-grade standards

It is designed in line with food and drug hygiene standards. It can help customers' products to meet HACCP, IFS certification requirements and CE and FDA standards.

Efficient and cost-effective

With a compact design, the fruit sorting equipment occupies a small area, and is easy to maintain. The equipment is efficient and cost-effective.

Humanized operation interface.

HMI color touch screen is easy to operate. Operating systems with user password protection can store up to 100 product parameters.

Convenient data storage and export

The system can record production data for up to 365 days. You can connect peripheral equipment and manage multiple machines together. We can know about production status through generating reports in Excel format.

Adjustable speed

The motor is controlled by frequency conversion and the speed can be adjusted as required.


● Efficient and economical

● Reserve a standard interface to manage data easily

● Realize centralized control

● Simple installation and operation

● Low cost and space-saving

Packing and Shipping

Let us put our extensive experience in design, engineering and manufacturing to work for you.

We can provide your premium solutions and machines on time and within budget.

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Fruits and Vegetable Weight Grader YGW-YPFG160F6/FG20000


Checking Range≤1000g30-400g
Minimum Scale0.1g-
Optimal Throughput240 pcs/min16000 pcs/h

Checking Size




Infeed Hoppers Size




PowerAC220V±10% 50Hz(60Hz)
Operation ModeTouch Screen
Control SystemHigh Speed A/D Sampling Module

Temperature: 0℃-40℃(with on-board air conditioner)

Humidity: 30%-95% (equipped with dehumidifier)

Products Preset100


Body MaterialStainless Steel SUS304

Additional Advantages

Additional Advantages