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The automatic x ray inspection system use penetration to select the contaminant like bone, plastics, glass, ceramic, stone and hard metal in high accuracy and high stability to improve the quality of products.

The x ray inspection system is widely used in foreign body detection in Agricultural Products Processing, Food Processing, pharmaceuticals, etc. 

Suitable for inspecting loose and unpackaged products. (nuts, coffee, oatmeal, flour, wheat, rice, candy, capsule, tablets, particle, rubber granules, etc.) 

Key Features 

More specialized detecting

The x ray food inspector is specialized in detecting loose and unpacked products. More professional and accurate. 

Low loss rate

The x ray inspection system provides a complete frame. The material is brought out less, and the material loss is minimized. 

Rejection system is available

X ray inspection for electronic components can be chosen. You can choose a blowing device (optional 32, 64 and 72 ways) or a flap removal device (optional single-channel, dual-channel, and four-channel).

High efficiency

The feed rate can reach 2-6 2-6 tons per hour.

Auto-Learn feature

The automatic learning function includes the automatic setting of parameters and automatic saving of detected pictures. It can be used for product quality traceability and control.

The first design to separate the light source from the appliances

The first design to separate the light source from the appliances. So, the powerful air conditioning system and independent air supply system can be applied to various harsh environments.

Remote assistance facilitates after-sales service

We are the first company in the industry to develop and adopt remote operation functions on the equipment. We can remote assist in solving problems and improving working efficiency. Don't worry about after-sales issues. We're one of the most professional x ray inspection systems manufacturers.

Wide range of voltage control

The high voltage level of the x ray inspection system is without additional cost. There is a high usage rate of standard voltage ( K100 voltage level ) in the industry. The adjustable range is wide and the accuracy is higher. 

Safe and reliable

X-ray leakage is less than 1 μ Sv/hour, complying with FDA and CE.


● 17 inches full colored touch screen, easy to use.

● Intuitive operation interface. Pre-Installed Windows10 system

● High configuration and stability

● IP66 waterproof level

● All-in-one solution, customizable rejection system

● More than 250 products preset

Packing and Shipping

Let us put our extensive experience in design, engineering and manufacturing to work for you.

We can provide your premium solutions and machines on time and within budget.

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X-Ray Inspection System for Unpackaged Bulk Products FXR-4017K100S



X-Ray Tube


Inspection Width


Inspection Height



Stainless steel ball Φ0.3mm, Stainless steel wire Φ0.2*2mm, ceramics Φ1.0, glass Φ1.0

Conveyor Speed


Display Screen

17 inches coloured touch screen


LAN Port, USB Port


Temperature -10-40℃(with on-board air conditioner)

Humidity: 30%-90% (equipped with dehumudifier)

X-Ray Leakage

<1μSv per hou


Soft Curtain(detachable)

Reaction to Defectives

Optional: 32 lane air blast; single/four lane flipper


AC220V ±10%  50/60Hz, 1.5kVA Max

Waterproof Level

IP66 for detecting tunnel, IP54 for rest of the body

Body Material

Stainless Steel SUS304

Product Weight

Standard:Max 5KG(on Conveyor)

Additional Advantages

Additional Advantages