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The x ray inspection system uses penetration to select the contaminants, including all kinds of metals (Fe, non-fe, stainless steel), bones, glass, ceramic, stones, sand, rigid plastic, desiccant, etc.

Not only it would detect objects like metal, bones, glass, ceramics, stones, plastic, rubber, it also can ensure product quality by detecting defective products and missing parts.

The food x ray inspector is suitable for all kinds of large package products. (Large package food, cases biscuits, boxes seasonings, meat and poultry, sausages, etc.)

Key Features 

Compatible with SPC system and data exportable

You are able to export production information such as product test, operation test, maintenance log, alert log into spread sheets which is customizable. The x ray food inspection system can connect with SPC system. You can control the equipment and analyze current data.

FMEA System Compatible

The automatic x ray inspection system supports FMEA system connection. We provide a back-end interface to connect to your FMEA system. So users can monitor and track any abnormal activities in real-time.

The first design to separate the light source from the appliances

We are the first industry creative that separates light sources and electrical appliances. So the powerful air conditioning system and independent air supply system can be applied to various harsh environments.

Shielding function

Shielding function can ensure better sensitivity. For example, it can shield the metal ring outside the canned products.

Auto-Learn feature

The 17-inch full-color touch screen is easy to use. The automatic learning function includes automatic setting of parameters and automatic saving of detected pictures. Auto-Learn feature can be used for product quality traceability and control.

Remote Assistance

We are the first company in the industry to develop and adopt remote operation functions. It can remote assist to solve problems and improve working efficiency. Don't worry about after-sales problems.  We'll offer you the most professional x ray food inspection services.


● Rejection system is optional (Alarm, Stop and Pusher)

● X-Ray leakage is less than 1μ Sv/hour, complying with FDA and CE standard

● Easy cleaning and maintenance

● Detachable structure makes cleaning easy

● Fast delivery within 2 weeks

Packing and Shipping

Let us put our extensive experience in design, engineering and manufacturing to work for you.

We can provide your premium solutions and machines on time and within budget.

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X Ray Inspection System for Large Package FXR-9045


X-Ray Tube
Inspection Width900mm
Inspection Height450mm
SensitivityStainless steel ball: Φ0.3-0.5mm, Stainless steel wire: Φ0.5*2mm, Glass ball: Φ1.5mm, Ceramic ball: Φ1.5mm
Conveyor Speed10-70m/min
Display Screen17 inches coloured touch screen
InterfacesLAN Port, USB Port

Temperature -10-40℃(with on-board air conditioner)

Humidity: 30%-90% (equipped with dehumudifier)

X-Ray Leakage<1 uSv/h(CE Standard)
X-RayLight weight lead - free soft curtains at tunnel
Reaction to DefectivesSound and indicator, stopping machine, rejector
PowerAC220V±10% 50Hz(60Hz) 1.5KVA Max
Waterproof LevelIP66 for detecting tunnel, IP54 for rest of the body
Body MaterialStainless Steel SUS304

Additional Advantages

Additional Advantages