Working Principle of X-Ray Inspection System

X-ray inspection system use penetration to select the contaminant like bones, plastics and other hard metal in high accuacy and high stability to improve the quality of finished products.

They can not only detect contaminant in food (various types of meat, aquatic products, fruits and vegetables, additives, milk powder and chocolate) , such as metal, glass, ceramic, stone, bone, plastic, but also identify product defects, such as package cracks, bubbles, flaws to achieve finished product testing.

Compared with the traditional metal contaminant testing system ,they have more widely usage and get higher testing requirements, widely used in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, textile industry, integrated circuit board and other industrial sectors.

Passed the HACCP and IFS certification in Packaging food industry and identify defects, such as damaged, distortion or missing parts to avoid product quality problems.