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Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Products

Weighing and Detecting In Pharmaceutical and HealthCare Products

Elevate product quality with our advanced Food X-ray inspection system, checkweigher and Metal Detector technologies. Ensure precision in every scan, from essential vitamins to life-saving medicines, our cutting-edge solutions provide unmatched accuracy in detecting contaminants in healthcare products, fish oil, and potions. We provide excellent state-of-the-art detecting and weighing equipment for the Pharmaceutical and Health Care Products industry.

detecting different medicine processing


Health Care Products

Challenges For Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Products Production

Product Variation Complexity

The broad spectrum of health care products, including vitamins, fish oil, potions, and medicines, introduces complexity in inspection requirements. Versatile technologies are needed to ensure consistent performance across diverse product variations.

Packaging Material Variability

In fully automated pharmaceutical processing, different kinds of foreign contaminants may occur. Ensuring product safety and regulatory compliance, X-ray Inspection Systems meticulously scan for anomalies.

Compliance with Stringent Regulations

Stringent regulatory standards govern the pharmaceutical and health care industry, necessitating technology that exceeds compliance requirements to uphold product quality and safety.

Speed and Efficiency Demands

Fast-paced pharmaceutical production lines require inspection systems that balance speed and efficiency without compromising accuracy. Technologies such as Checkweigher play a crucial role in meeting these demands.

Contaminants In Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Products Industry

detecting metal belongings contaminants

The belongings of workers

detecting various metal scraps

Metal scraps from processing equipment

inspecting stones contaminants during processing

Small stones in raw materials

plastic contaminants during food processing


glass fragments can be detected

Glass fragments

ceramics contaminants in food detection


Applications For Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Products Industry

Our equipment is mainly used in two steps – checking weight and detecting foreign contaminants in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Products industry. The following are our corresponding solutions.

easyweigh dynamic checkweigher


Maintaining precise weight control is paramount in pharmaceutical and healthcare products, and our Easyweigh Checkweigher series is tailored to meet this demand.

  • Precision Weight Monitoring: Specifically crafted for pharmaceuticals, the Easyweigh Checkweighers dynamically assess product weight post-packaging, ensuring meticulous accuracy for various items, from vitamins to fish oil, potions, and medicines.
  • Hygienic Efficiency: Our Checkweigher’s hygienic design facilitates effortless daily cleaning, adhering to stringent cleanliness standards in the pharmaceutical sector.
  • Intuitive Operation: The Checkweigher’s operation is intuitive, with an emphasis on user-friendliness, contributing to a seamless workflow in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Product production.

Metal Detector

In the meticulous world of pharmaceutical and healthcare products, ensuring product integrity is non-negotiable. Our Metal Detector, a critical component in this process, guarantees your healthcare products’ highest safety and quality standards.

  • Precision Contaminant Detection: Specifically engineered for pharmaceuticals, our Metal Detector excels in precisely identifying and eliminating contaminants, safeguarding products like vitamins, fish oil, potions, and medicines.

  • Hygienic Design for Industry Compliance: The Metal Detector features a sanitary design that meets industry cleanliness standards and ensures seamless daily cleaning routines in pharmaceutical production.

  • User-Friendly Operation: With an emphasis on user-friendliness, operating the Checkweigher is intuitive

touchscreen metal detector
x ray inspection system for packaged products of easyweigh

X-Ray Inspection System

In the precise landscape of pharmaceutical and healthcare products, product integrity is paramount, and our X-ray inspection systems stand as a reliable beacon for safeguarding the quality of healthcare products.

  • Enhanced Sensitivity and Stability: Easyweigh’s X-ray Inspection System, with its heightened sensitivity and stability, ensures the avoidance of contaminations in the production of health care products, including vitamins, fish oil, potions, and medicines.
  • Versatile Detection Capabilities:  Many healthcare products utilize various packaging materials, and Easyweigh’s X-ray Inspection System adeptly satisfies detectionrequirements, even in products with diverse packaging formats.
  • Optimized Sensitivity with Superior Shielding: Advanced shielding features ensure product accuracy during inspection procedures.

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