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Potato Chips & Fries

Product Inspection of Potato Chips & Fries

The slightest error in producing and delivering food products can ruin a food company’s reputation. Ensuring that the weight and quality of the product meet regulations is an essential part of food processing. Detecting potato chips, French fries, etc are indispensable. Easyweigh equipment can meet these requirements efficiently and reliably, thus effectively enhancing your company’s image and profitability.

Potato Chips
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Issues During Potato Chips & Fries Production

The Solutions You Need

With the developing puffed products Industry, the processing of chips or related products skills is more complex. Thus puffed snack manufacturers need to be concerned about the lengthy processing that may cause contaminants to enter the processing of chips, popcorn, fries, shrimp strips, corn balls, etc.

X-Ray Inspection

Puffed products are generally made from beans, grains and potatoes. During the raw material harvesting stage, contaminants may be mixed with many non-metallic contaminants. To ensure products meet all common food industry guidelines, a wider range of x-ray inspection systems are better than metal detectors to solve the problems.

Weight Checking

Puffed products are generally light in weight and prone to underweight during processing and packaging. To ensure that the product reaches the specified weight, potato chip manufacturers must choose highly accurate and stable checkweighers.

Metal Detecting

Puffed products (such as potato chips, corn balls, shrimp fries, etc.) require frequent equipment cleaning because of the complex processing environment. But the machine wear and tear of equipment, contaminated raw materials, and employee negligence are still more likely to lead to pollution impurities. So puffed food manufacturers must choose professional metal detection for the production line.

Contaminants During Potato chips & fries Production

detecting metal belongings contaminants

The belongings of workers

detecting various metal scraps

Metal scraps from processing equipment

inspecting stones contaminants during processing

Small stones in raw materials

plastic contaminants during food processing


glass fragments can be detected

Glass fragments

ceramics contaminants in food detection


Weighing and Detecting Solutions for Potato Chips & Fries


Combi Metal Detector and Checkweigher FMD-CW-210

The combined device can achieve weighing and detecting functions in a frame. You can operate in an interface when inspecting potato chips, french fries, popcorn, shrimp strips, onion rings, and corn chips.

easyweigh combi metal detector and checkweigher

Conveyor Metal Detector FMD-30/40/50 Series

Conveyor metal detector is provided the best possible level of detection for metal contaminants of bagged Popcorn, Shrimp Strips, Onion rings, Miao Crispy Corner, Corn Ball, etc. It is across the full range of products and is extremely easy to set up and operate.

conveyor metal detector of Easyweigh

X-Ray Inspection System For Packaged Products FXR-40/50/60 Series

For metal packaged potato chips, popcorn, shrimp strips, onion rings, corn balls, etc., the FXR-40/50/60 series is applied after the packaging step. It can reject unqualified products with metal packaged products.

x ray inspection system for packaged products of easyweigh

General Purpose Dynamic Checkweigher YCW-150/210/300

The size of the dynamic checkweigher is applied for small or medium packaged chips, fried fries,  popcorn, corn balls, corn chips, etc. Because the overall weight of the packaged puffed products is generally light. Accuracy equipment is essential.

side of easyweigh general purpose dynamic checkweigher

Heavy Weight Checkweigher YCW-400/500/600

Because potato chips and other puffed food products are fragile, manufacturers generally take the inflatable bag packaging. Some manufacturers prefer to weigh by box, this machine size is more suitable.

the front image of heavy weight checkweigher ycw400
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