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Weighing and Detecting In Snack Food Production

In the food inspecting industrial solutions, snack food is an important segment. It included candies, chocolates, cookies, jelly, egg rolls, biscuits, lollipops, chips and so on. Easyweigh, a professional manufacturer of food safety inspecting equipment, provides various kinds of equipment for different production stages of the snack food and confectionery industries.

Challenges For Snack Food Production

Products weight is easy to change

In the snack food industry, the products are generally small and fragmented, so products are easy to lose and miss food desiccant.

Food production processes are easy to develop contamination

With the development of the snack processing industry, the snack-producing step is becoming more and more complex. We have to use more food processing machines. It may result in machine failures. For example, the screws and machine parts may fall in the snack products. Food products may be contaminated with stainless steel.

The temperature of the production environment

During snack processing, we need to provide suitable production temperatures according to different materials. The product signals in the metal detector can be affected by the temperature of the processing line.

Diversity of Product Composition

Some snack foods are composed of multiple ingredients, which presents a consistent density challenge for X-ray inspection systems.

Contaminants During Snacks Production

detecting metal belongings contaminants

The belongings of workers

detecting various metal scraps

Metal scraps from processing equipment

inspecting stones contaminants during processing

Small stones in raw materials

plastic contaminants during food processing


glass fragments can be detected

Glass fragments

ceramics contaminants in food detection


Application For Snack Food Production

Our equipment is mainly used in two steps – checking weight and detecting foreign contaminants in the snack industry. The following are our corresponding solutions.


In the weighing step, we usually advise clients to use Easyweigh checkweigher series equipment.
The high accuracy and stability of equipment ensure your products weight comply standards.

  • Easyweigh checkweighers are designed for snack production, checking weight dynamically after packaging products.
  • The hygienic design of our checkweigher is easy for daily clean.
  • The operation of our checkweigher is easy and user-friendly.

Metal Detector

In the detecting contamination step, we will recommend different inspecting machines according to your specific situation. The metal detector series can satisfy general products detecting requirements.

  • Easyweigh metal detector speeds up to 20-100 m/min
  • Snack industry with different kinds of production environment, customizable equipment can be satisfied your need.
  • Based on adaptable DDS and DSP technology, better stability.

X-Ray Inspection System

For higher detection requirements or products with metal packaging, we will recommend X-ray
inspection systems for clients. Because the detecting range of x-ray inspection systems is more widely.

  • Easyweigh x-ray inspection system with high sensitivity and stability to avoid contaminations in snack processing.
  • Most snack food packages use metal packaging. Easyweigh x-ray can satisfy detecting requirements.
  • We are ensuring the best sensitivity with better shielding function.

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