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Chicken Wings

Weight Sorting & Metal Detecting of chicken wings

Chicken wings, chicken breast, turkey, drumsticks, goose liver, etc processors use inspection equipment (weight grader, metal detector and x-ray inspection system) during food production. Weight sorting machine can ensure products comply with standard weight. Through grading and detecting chicken wings, etc, the products are free of foreign body contamination.

Chicken Wings
Chicken Breast
Goose liver
Pork Knuckle
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Issues During Chicken Wings Production

The Solutions You Need

Because meat products usually are in various sizes, packaging, temperatures, etc. It is harder for grader weight. Consumer demand for frozen chicken wings, frozen turkey and chicken breasts is also increasing in quality. Easyweigh always develops various kinds of weight sorting machine to solve these challenges.

Weight Grading & Checking

Weight grading is an important step in the chicken wings, turkey, goose liver, etc production line. Overweight products will cause an economic loss. Product weight must comply with standard weight. Easyweigh weight sorting machine can grade different weights and ensure that non-conforming products are rejected from the production line.

X-Ray Inspection

The X-ray inspection system is to avoid foreign bodies entering packaged chicken wings, drumsticks, goose liver, etc. Foreign body detection not only detect metal contaminants, plastic, stones, and other foreign bodies but also ensure the completeness of products.

Metal Detecting

Metal detectors protect poultry products from metal contamination. The detecting machine protects consumers’ safety and brand image. Easyweigh‘s metal detection systems are easy to operate and comply with HACCP principles.

Contaminants During Chicken Wings Production

detecting metal belongings contaminants

The belongings of workers

detecting various metal scraps

Metal scraps from processing equipment

inspecting stones contaminants during processing

Small stones in raw materials

plastic contaminants during food processing


glass fragments can be detected

Glass fragments

ceramics contaminants in food detection


Weighing and Detecting Solutions for Chicken Wings

Grading and Weighing

12 Head Linear Combination Weigher YBM-12

12 Head Linear Combination Weigher can grade weight and sort chicken breast, turkey meat, drumsticks, goose liver, etc of different sizes, weights, and volumes. The machine can combine the same or different products to reach the total weight target.

front image of 12 head linear combination weigher
Grading and Weighing

Dual Lane Weight Grader YGW-200F8/2, YGW-300F8/2

Dual Lane Weight Grader is adopt a double weighing platform design. The special design is highly efficient. The weight sorting machine just needs one person to load chicken wings, turkey, turkey breast, etc. It can help your production line increase working efficiency.

single lane weight grader of easyweigh
Grading and Weighing

Rotating Trays Weight Grader YGW-YP170/200/250/330F8 (F10)

Rotating Trays Weight Grader can grade weight and sort chicken breast, turkey meat, drumsticks, goose liver, etc of different sizes, weights, and volumes.

rotating trays weight grader of easyweigh

Conveyor Metal Detector FMD-30/40/50 Series

The conveyor metal detector equips with an intelligent learning function for users. Users can detect chicken wings, goose liver, turkey drumsticks, etc automatically.  Product parameters can be set easily.

Easyweigh conveyor metal detector

X-Ray Inspection System For Packaged Products FXR-40/50/60 Series

During the meat products processing line, processing manufacturers usually choose X-Ray Inspection System FXR-40/50/60 Series to detect bones, plastic, etc. It can also detect goose livers with metal packaged in a stable situation.

x ray inspection system for packaged products of easyweigh
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