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Weighing and Inspection of Bakery Product

Bakery goods have always been an essential part of the food industry. Many countries are significant consumers of bakery products. As the demand for bakery products increases and the product quality requirements rise, Easyweigh offers flexible, high-performance weighing and inspection solution for bakery industry in the production process.

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Issues During Bakery Production

The Solutions You Need

Different food industries are facing distinct challenges in the production process. For example, biscuits, cookies, and pie are easy to break. Bakery manufacturers must be concerned about weighing and inspection equipment’s stability and conveyor speed.

X-Ray Inspection

Compared with metal detectors, x-ray inspection systems are more widely used in detecting foreign objects. X-ray inspection can detect baked goods in metal packaging. At the same time, the integrity of some filled bakery products can also be checked.

Weight Checking

Products in the bakery industry are generally light in weight. Production lines run fast. The Easyweigh checkweigher range checks that your packaged bread and bakery products are of the required weight. Control production costs.


Metal Detecting

The metal detector has an automatic learning function. By automatically setting parameters, the bakery can detect foreign objects easily. Machine parts may come off or remain from the raw materials during production. Bakery goods containing foreign objects are automatically rejected from the conveyor belt.

Contaminants During Bakery Production

detecting metal belongings contaminants

The belongings of workers

detecting various metal scraps

Metal scraps from processing equipment

inspecting stones contaminants during processing

Small stones in raw materials

plastic contaminants during food processing


glass fragments can be detected

Glass fragments

ceramics contaminants in food detection


Weighing and Detecting Solutions for Bakery


Conveyor Metal Detector FMD-30/40/50 Series

During the processing of bread and bakery products, the metal detector can help you to guarantee the safety of your bread and bakery products while at the same time monitoring the optimum operation of your production lines.

Easyweigh conveyor metal detector

Compact Economical X Ray Inspection System for Small Items FXR-2417K100

FXR-2417K100 is suitable for small packaged biscuits, packaged bread, packaged cake, etc. It can check your baked products for completeness. Is your biscuit broken? Is your bread filling already? We can detect damaged bakery products by X-ray so that we can reject incomplete products.

compact econimical x ray inspection system for small items of easyweigh

Dual Beam X-Ray Inspection System For Canned Products FXR-15K120-2

For barrel cookies, barrel ice cream, canned cookies, etc., most customers choose a dual beam x-ray inspection system. The dual imaging system irradiating the products can reduce the detection of blind areas.

dual beam x ray inspection system for canned products of easyweigh

Single Beam X-Ray Inspection System For Canned Products FXR-12K120

This x-ray system is suitable for detecting boxed pizza, metal boxed cookies, boxed cheese, boxed cake, bagged flour, etc. Can effectively detect foreign objects in metal packaging products. Bread is often packaged in plastic or paper bags, which are closed with an aluminum buckle. Users can block the parts that do not need to be detected. It can avoid the equipment mistake of the aluminum buckle as contamination.

single beam x ray inspection system of Easyweigh

General Purpose Dynamic Checkweigher YCW-150/210/300

Baking products are in small sizes generally. Most bakery businesses choose dynamic checkweighers to check the weight of their products. For example, small packages of cookies, bags of bread, boxes of pizza, packaging cheese, barrels of ice cream, etc.

front of easyweigh general purpose dynamic checkweigher
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