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Beverage & Sauce

Weighing and Detecting In Beverage & Sauce Production

Weighing and detecting are vital in the beverage and sauce industry (wine, milk, juice, packaged coffee, sauce, jam). Accurate measurements ensure product consistency, safety, and efficiency.
X-ray inspection systems and conveyor metal detectors prevent contamination, while the dynamic checkweighers ensure product weight complies with setting weight. These practices enhance quality, comply with regulations, and build customer trust for lasting success.

Challenges For Beverage & Sauce Production

Diverse Product Properties

Variations in viscosity, density, and packaging formats of beverages (wine, milk, juice, packaged coffee) and sauces pose challenges for consistent weighing accuracy and detection sensitivity, requiring adaptable systems.

Contaminant Detection Complexity

Detecting foreign objects in beverages and sauces (sauce, jam) demands advanced X-ray inspection systems and metal detectors due to overlapping product densities and potential hidden contaminants.

High Production Speeds

Keeping up with fast-paced production lines requires efficient checkweighers and detection systems capable of rapid processing without compromising accuracy and safety.

Packaging Material Interference

Different packaging materials in beverages and sauces can affect detection performance, necessitating specialized equipment to mitigate interference and maintain reliability.

Cleaning and Hygiene

Strict hygiene standards in food production necessitate washdown capabilities in weighing and detecting equipment, ensuring sanitary practices and minimizing the risk of cross-contamination.

Calibration and Maintenance

Regular calibration and maintenance of weighing and detection systems are critical to sustaining accurate measurements and efficient contaminant identification, avoiding potential downtime and production delays.

Cost and Investment

Implementing advanced weighing and detecting technology may require a significant upfront investment, which needs to be balanced with the benefits of improved quality, safety, and compliance in the long run.

Contaminants In Beverage & Sauce Industry

detecting metal belongings contaminants

The belongings of workers

detecting various metal scraps

Metal scraps from processing equipment

inspecting stones contaminants during processing

Small stones in raw materials

plastic contaminants during food processing


glass fragments can be detected

Glass fragments

ceramics contaminants in food detection


Applications For Snack Industry

Our equipment is mainly used in two steps – checking weight and detecting foreign contaminants in the beverage and sauce industry. The following is our corresponding solutions.


In the weighing step for Beverage & Sauce, we recommend using the Easyweigh checkweigher series equipment.

  • Checkweighers of Easyweigh are designed explicitly for Beverage and sauce production. You can custom checkweighers according to your production line.
  • The equipment’s high accuracy and stability ensure that your beverage (wine, milk, juice, packaged coffee) and sauce products meet setting weight.
  • The hygienic design allows easy daily cleaning, while the user-friendly operation simplifies usage.

Metal Detector

In the contamination detection step for Beverage & Sauce, we offer tailored solutions based on your specific needs. Our metal detector series is ideal for general product detection requirements.

  • The Easyweigh metal detector operates from 20 to 100 m/min, ensuring efficient and rapid inspection of your beverage (wine, milk, juice, packaged coffee) and sauce products.
  • The beverage and sauce industries have diverse production environments, and our customizable equipment is designed to meet your unique requirements.
Easyweigh conveyor metal detector

Foodman® X-Ray Inspection System

For clients with higher detection requirements or products packaged in metal containers, we recommend using our advanced X-ray inspection systems for Beverages and sauces. These systems offer a more comprehensive detecting range and are ideal for ensuring product safety and quality.

  • The food X-ray inspection system delivers high sensitivity and stability, effectively preventing contaminations in Beverage and sauce processing.
  • Many beverage and sauce products are packaged in metal containers, and our Easyweigh X-ray inspection system is ideally suited to meet the detecting requirements for such packaging types.
  • Our X-ray inspection system has top-notch shielding functions, guaranteeing the best sensitivity in detecting even the tiniest contaminants, thereby maintaining the highest quality standards for your Beverage and sauce products.

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