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Distributor and Agent

Welcome to new distributors and agents to represent Easyweigh all line products!

Why Cooperate With Easyweigh?

Easyweigh has more than 14-year of experience in developing and manufacturing metal detectors, food X-ray inspection, weight sorting machines, combination weighers and checkweigher. Easyweigh supplies equipment to various industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, textiles, etc.

Professional Manufacturer

We have over 5,000 square meters of factory buildings, are equipped with modern manufacturing machinery and advanced technical teams. With scientific and standardized production processes, we ensure product quality and shorten the production cycle.

High-Tech Enterprise

EASYWEIGH, a "High-Tech Enterprise" awarded by the local government. We hold 6 invention patents and 55 utility model patents and have nine high-tech products rated in China. EASYWEIGH continuously strives for innovation, with registered trademarks for EASYWEIGH® and FOODMAN®.

Global Marketing Strategy

EASYWEIGH implements a global marketing strategy, we got CE and FDA Certificates for all line products. And its products are exported to over 50 countries and regions worldwide. We have numerous strategic partners and distributors around the world.

EASYWEIGH All Line Products

Offering the highest-quality, most reliable products and fulfilling the needs of our customers is our top priority at Easyweigh, just like yours.

Easyweigh specializes in providing weighing, weight checking, weight grading and inspecting equipment that protects every production stage.

Easyweigh Will Support Your Distribution Business

Exclusive Favorable Discount

Easyweigh will offer you a competitive discount to maximize your sales profits.

Marketing Resources

We provide a comprehensive resources for product introduction and customer training.

Technology Support

We help you provide customers with professional solutions. And we have sufficient spare parts reserves.

How to Become an Easyweigh Distributor or Agent?

Consult with our sales manager

Tour the factory and exploring potential collaboration

Build partnerships and give support

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