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Automatic Sachet Sorting Machine

The automatic sachet sorting machine can realize the sorting process of bagged products from irregular stacking to orderly placement. This equipment can be used independently. It can also be closely integrated with sachet counting machines, box sealing machines, etc. The equipment enhances counting accuracy and production line efficiency.

Widely used in the production of food, pharmaceuticals, health products, and powder bag packaging, among other products.

  • Flexible and efficient coordination with upstream and downstream equipment
  • Widely applicable to various bag types
  • Individual machine exceeds 150 bags/minute
  • Flexible to complete the packaging process


Model: YLD-150
Maximum Speed: 300 bags/minute
Bag Specifications: Length ≤ 180mm; Width ≤ 120mm
Total Power: 5.5kW
Power Supply: AC380V 50/60Hz
Dimensions: 2250(L)×950(W)×1560(H)
Total Weight: 450Kg

Key Features

Multi-servo system control

high-speed precision, achieving orderly stacking of materials.

Multi-Servo Precision Control:
Our Automatic Sachet Sorting Machine boasts a multi-servo system, ensuring high-speed precision in material stacking. Experience orderly and efficient operations, elevating your production capabilities to new heights.

Automated Perfection, No Manual Intervention:
Embrace a seamless workflow as our machine achieves dispersion, sequence, and stacking automatically. Say goodbye to manual interventions and hello to increased efficiency, allowing your team to focus on more critical tasks.

Unmatched Sensitivity with Superior Shielding:
At Easyweigh, we prioritize precision. Our machine guarantees the best sensitivity with an advanced shielding function, ensuring accurate sorting without compromise. Trust in technology that delivers unparalleled results.

Hygienic Design, GMP Standards Compliant:
Safety and hygiene are non-negotiable. The equipment body, constructed from 304 stainless steel, ensures durability and cleanliness. The organic glass cover adheres to GMP standards, providing a secure environment for your production needs.

Convenience Redefined:
Experience the epitome of convenience with our Automatic Sachet Sorting Machine. Achieve efficient production with seamless transitions between internal and external bag connections. Benefit from independent bag sorting for boxing, streamlining your processes effortlessly.


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