Single Lane Weight Grader

Chain Conveyor Weight Grader YGW-LB200/LB300/350F8D series is suitable for sorting and grading fruits and vegetables by weight. It can apply in factory production lines and continuous packaging production lines. ( Such as seafood, poultry, aquatic products, frozen products, etc.)

It is the best choice for agriculture and the food industry.

The sorting machine is suitable for more oversized aquatic products. (Such as fish, lobster, tilapia, golden pomfret, etc.)

  • A high-speed A/D converter enables fast data conversion with high accuracy
  • The number of grading can be customized
  • The rejection system is Swing Arm
  • The belt is quickly installed and removed
  • Components adopt internationally renowned brands
  • Help customers’ products meet HACCP, IFS certification requirements


Checking Range: ≤3000g/≤3000g/≤5000g
Accuracy: ±1g ~ ±5g/±1g ~ ±5g/±2g ~ ±5g
Minimum Scale: 1g
Working Speed: 20~120m/min
Product Size:
Length: ≤300mm/≤450mm/≤450mm
Width: ≤150mm/≤250mm/≤350mm
Weighing Part Size:
Length: 450mm/600mm/600mm
Width: 150mm/250mm/350mm

Operation: 10-inch colored touchscreen
Power Supply: AC220/110V±10% 50Hz/60Hz
Rejector: Swing arm
Control Module: High-Speed A/D Sampling Module
Product Preset: 100
Operating Requirement: Temperature: 0℃~40℃,Humidity:30%~95%
Main Structure: SUS304 Stainless Steel

Key Features

Chain conveyor belt

The lane adopts a chain plate conveyor belt, which has a long life and increases the stability of conveying materials. It is not easy to slide and fall.

The material of the chain can be customized

POM, stainless steel and other different material are optional. Chain plates are sturdy and durable.

Strong Waterproof function

The hard and durable structure is easy to maintain. The fruit sorting equipment with SUS304 stainless steel can be washed. The waterproof level is IP65.

Easy to operate

We adopt a 10-inch color touch screen with user password protection function. The fruit sorting machine system can save 100 product parameters.

Save data and control easily

Available for saving 365 days of production data, and users can export data to USB. Besides, the fruit grader machine can also connect to some peripherals. Users can also manage multiple grading machines together to improve their production efficiency.

Stable transmission speed

The transmission speed is up to 60~90m/min (160-400PPM).



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