Conveyor Metal Detector FMD-30/40/50 Series

Conveyor Metal Detector FMD-30/40/50 can detect metal contaminants during the processing of food. It has high sensitivity and stability detection for ferrous metals (Fe), non-ferrous metals (copper, aluminum) and stainless steel.

It is widely applicable in most industries like food processing, poultry, chemical, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, toys, etc.

The metal detection system is suitable for all kinds of packaging products. (bread, nuts, meat, poultry, sausages, pills, etc.)

  • The touch screen and button screen are optional
  • The belt speed is adjustable
  • Customize the equipment’s size (width is up to1200mm )
  • IP54/IP66 Waterproof level
  • Quick response in 24 hours before and after sale


FMD-3009 | FMD-3012 | FMD-3015
FMD-4009 | FMD-4012 | FMD-4015 | FMD-4017 | FMD-4020
FMD-5009 | FMD-5020 | FMD-5025
Detection Height:
90mm | 120mm | 150mm
90mm | 120mm | 150mm | 170mm | 200mm
90mm | 200mm | 250mm
Detection Width:
FMD-30: 250mm | FMD-40: 350mm | FMD-55: 450mm
FMD-30: 0.8~1.0 (FE) | 1.0~1.5 (NFE) | 1.2~1.8 (SUS)
FMD-40: 0.8~1.2 (FE) | 1.0~1.5 (NFE) | 1.2~2.0 (SUS)
FMD-50: 0.8~1.8 (FE) | 1.2~2.0 (NFE) | 1.5~2.5 (SUS)

Body Length: 1500mm
Conveyor Speed: 32m/min
Maximum load capacity(kg):
FMD-30: 10
FMD-40: 10
Power: AC220V±10% 50Hz(60Hz)
Operation Mode: Button/Touch Screen
Alarm: Audible and visual alarm
Waterproof: IP54/66
Environment: Temperature 0℃-40℃, Humidity: 30%-95%
Body Material: Stainless Steel SUS304

Key Features

High sensitivity and stability

The tunnel metal detector of our equipment uses phase intelligent tracking technology, DDS and DSP technology. Our Epoxy metal detector head is made with hard-fill technology for better stability. These technologies can improve detection sensitivity and stability.

Intelligent learning function

The metal detecting equipment is equipped with an intelligent learning function. Product parameters can be set automatically and are easy to operate.

Large storage of product parameters

The equipment can store 100 kinds of product parameters by Ferroelectric RAM.

Strong Anti-interference performance

In addition to using an anti-interference photoelectric isolation driver, our equipment also adopts multiple filtering algorithms and an X-R orthogonal decomposition algorithm. Our conveyor metal detector has a strong anti-interference ability.

Strong and durable

Frame and roller made by 304 stainless steel. The whole equipment is strong and durable.

Minimize false rejects

Our algorithms and sensitive sensors enhance machine stability and sensitivity and minimize false rejections.

Perfect after-sales service

Our professional team offers after-sales service. Whenever you contact us, we will give you professional feedback within 24 hours.


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