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Combi Metal Detector and Checkweigher

Discover the power of our Combi Metal Detector and Checkweigher FMD(YCW)-210/300, the ultimate solution for simultaneous metal detection and weight detecting.

This checkweigher metal detector combination machine finds applications in a variety of industries including aquatic products, pickled products, vegetables, cosmetics, and toys. With its exceptional capabilities, it’s the perfect food metal detector for the food industry. Detecting meat, poultry, potatoes, tomatoes, seafood, nuts, bread, and more, it ensures product safety and quality.

Benefit from the convenience of combined metal detection and weight detection in a machine. Experience efficient and reliable checkweigher with metal detector to the needs of the food industry. Choose Easyweigh for comprehensive and precise metal detection solutions.

  • Belt speed is adjustable
  • IP30/IP54/IP65 waterproof level
  • High sensitivity and stability
  • Various rejection types can be selected


Model: FMD(YCW)-210/300
Checking Range: ≤1000g/≤5kg
Weighing Accuracy: ±0.3g ~ ±1g/±0.5g ~ ±5g
Minimum Scale: 0.1g
Belt Width: 210mm/300mm
Body Length: 1935mm/1935mm
Working Speed: 30m/min
Power: AC220V±10% 50Hz(60Hz)

FE: 0.8; NFE: 1.0; SUS304: 1.5
Operation: Touch screen and button
Power Supply: AC220/110V±10% 50Hz/60Hz
Rejector: Swing Arm/Pusher/Air Blast
Waterproof Level: IP54
Operating Requirement: Temperature: 0℃~40℃,Humidity:30%~95%
Main Structure: SUS304 Stainless Steel

Key Features

Personalized service

Our professional team will provide a perfect solution for your requirements and product size. Equipment components are optional.

Save space and installation costs

The combined metal detector and weigher can be perfectly installed in a frame, saving space. Users can operate efficiently and easily.

Robust and durable

The frame and rollers are made of 304 stainless steel. All equipment is strong and durable.

Save costs

This equipment can not only save purchasing costs, but also labor installation costs. It is a metal detector with the best quality-price ratio.

Smart learning function

With the metal detector with intelligent learning function, you can set the product parameters automatically and operate the equipment easily.


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