Heavy Weight Checkweigher YCW-400/500/600

Heavy Weight Checkweigher YCW-400/500/600 is suitable for the weight detection of large-weight and large-volume packaging, especially for the detection of shortage, overweight, and missing items in the whole box of goods.

The checkweigher machine is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, industrial, chemical, agricultural and other industries, for product weight detection in the production process.

The heavy-weight checkweigher can check the products which weigh up to 60kg.

  • 24/7 all-day operation
  • Customizable
  • Segmentation and acceleration section design
  • Generate production reports
  • Our equipment is durable
  • Accurate and efficient rejection system ( Air Blast or Pusher )
  • The touch screen is password protected


Model: YCW-400 | YCW-500 | YCW-600
Checking Range: ≤15kg | ≤30kg | ≤40kg
Accuracy Range: ±2g~±10g | ±5g~±30g | ±5g~±30g
Minimum Scale: 1g | 5g | 5g
Conveyor Speed:
Checking Size:
Length: ≤450mm Width: ≤390mm
Length: ≤650mm Width: ≤480mm
Length: ≤650mm Width: ≤590mm

Weighing Belt Size:
Length: 620/300mm Width: 400mm
Length: 1066mm Width: 490mm
Length: 1200mm Width: 590mm
Power: AC220V±10% 50Hz(60Hz)
Operation Mode: Touch Screen
Control System: High Speed A/D Sampling Module
Products Preset: 100
Environment: Temperature 0℃-40℃, Humidity: 30%-95%
Rejection: Air Blast, Swing Arm, Pusher, Drop Down, Portal Frame
Body Material: Stainless Steel SUS304

Key Features

Designed for heavy and large products

Heavy Weight Checkweigher YCW-400/500/600 is designed for heavy and large items, big packages. It is the best choice for large boxes, bottles, cans, jars, etc.

High speed and stability

The checkweigher YCW-400/500/600 has high speed and high stability. The YCW-400 speed is up to 15-60m/min and YCW-500/600 is up to15-35m/min.

Save money and reduce product waste

We can use international top brand sensors to minimize product waste.

Match with existing production lines flexibly

The automatic checkweigher can convey products by roller. Rejection( including Pusher, Dropdown, Portal Frame) is optional, and the height ( 400-1200mm,+/- 100 adjustment) is adjustable. The checkweigher system is easy to integrate with existing production lines so that you can improve efficiency.

User friendly

With a 7-inch color touch screen, our screen operating system is easy to operate and it can store up to 100 product parameters.

Data storage and multi-device connection function

Our dynamic checkweigher system can record up to 365 days of production data, exported to a USB flash drive. The equipment supports USB, Ethernet,  I/O program and full statistics. Besides, our checkweigher system can connect to your computer for better management.


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