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Weighing and Labeling All in One Machine

The Easyweigh Weighing, Printing, and Labeling all-in-one machine is designed to improve weighing and labeling efficiency and accuracy. Our innovative solution is capable of printing and labeling on flat surfaces. It seamlessly integrates with scanning systems, matching scanned data with corresponding content in the database, and promptly sends instructions to the printer for label generation.

With precise execution, this machine ensures that labels are printed promptly upon receiving instructions from the labeling system. Using advanced sensing technology, the labeling head carries out flawless labeling actions, ensuring high-quality results that enhance product competitiveness.

Our Weighing, Printing, and Labeling all-in-one machine is widely used in industries such as packaging, food, toys, daily chemicals, electronics, and pharmaceuticals. Precision labeling is essential for product presentation and regulatory compliance in these sectors. Transform your operations with Easyweigh’s professional solution, guaranteeing high efficiency and quality.

  • High labeling accuracy, fast speed
  • Easy to clean, maintain and remove
  • Covers less area
  • Support customized labels according to the product
  • Labeling position can be customized (top, bottom, side)


Model: YCW-LB-300
Speed: 30-60 pcs/min
Weighing range: 1-5000g
Weighing accuracy: ±1g

System: EW Customized three-in-one weighing, printing and pricing software
Rated voltage: 220V/110V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz
Machine power: 0.8KW
Applicable product range: Customized according to customer label data
Program control: PLC and industrial computer

Key Features

Versatile Functionality

Our Weighing, Printing, and Labeling all-in-one machine streamlines packaging processes, automatically labels various products, facilitates easy identification, and ensures traceability across industries.

Flexible Control
Equipped with automatic and manual selection functions, the equipment control allows seamless adaptation to varying operational needs, enhancing efficiency and convenience.

User-Friendly Interface
Various languages are featured on all operation panels, including buttons and touch screens, ensuring clarity and ease of operation for operators of diverse backgrounds.

Efficient Cooling System
The electric control box includes a fan and vented heating elements to efficiently dissipate heat, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of the machine.

Seamless Integration
Our machine enables real-time printing and seamless integration with ERP and MESSAP systems, enhancing production efficiency and reducing labor costs with customizable communication protocols.

Speed Adaptability
The weighing and labeling machine speed can be adjusted to match the speed of product equipment, offering flexibility and compatibility across various production environments.


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