With extensive experience in the inspection of meat, fish and poultry products, Easyweigh focuses on developing better inspection technologies in four areas: Checkweigher, Weight Grader, Metal Detector and X-Ray Inspection System. We can provide a series of checking and inspection solutions for processed and non-processed meat, poultry and fish products.

    Meat, Poultry & Fish

    Easyweigh offers professional metal detection, X-ray detection and dynamic online weighing solutions for loose and high-density packaging products. And can provide combined inspection and testing solutions on the same system.

    Confectionery & Snack Foods

    In addition to testing for possible contaminants, the inspection of Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceutical may also require testing for missing products. Easyweigh can provide the most professional help for your production line.

    Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical

    The main contaminants inspected in the fruit and vegetable industries are metals, stone, ceramic and dense plastics. Because of the excellent metal detection and X-ray detection level, Easyweigh equipment can detect a wide range of contaminants efficiently and quickly.

    Fruit, Vegetables & Nuts

    In the production of cosmetics and chemical industries, Easyweigh's equipment has outstanding performance. We can provide you with the best solution for checking and inspecting in a strict production environment.

    Cosmetics & Chemical Industry

    Clear Competitive Advantages

    High accuracy, High Speed, High Stability

    High accuracy digital load cell, faster sampling speed. Low frequency of doing calibration, low downtime for maintenance.

    Professional interface and operate easily


    Touch screen for easy operate, system can set zero automatically or manually, highly intelligent and user friendly designed.

    Perfect software functions


    E-sheet inside and production real-time data reporting, the data can be stored up to one year and capture the production conditions in time. 

    Professional mechanical design first-class workmanship


    SUS304 body construction.

    High quality components


    Main components e.g., touch screen, motor, frequency converter are all first class brand. Secure the long life and better performance.

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