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Rotating Trays Grading & Combination Weigher YGW-YP-PZ equips with a new weight sorting system.The automated sorting machines is developed by Easyweigh Equipment independently. 

Not only weight sorting of products but also combinate two function.

The fruit sorting equipment is suitable for the weight combination of fish, meat, food and other materials. (You can choose to weigh, sort or combinate two functions).

Key Features 

One machine with multiple uses 

It includes weight combination and weight classification two working modes. YGW-YP-PZ with a compact design occupies a small area. It is easy to maintain. The fruit sorting machine price is economical.

Accurate sorting and ranking

The grader level of weight grader is divided into 4 to 16. It is convenient for the selection of products and the classification of industrial products. The size of materials can be adjusted to meet the standard.

The tray can be customized

There are 4 sizes of material trays available: small, medium, large and super large. Stainless steel and plastic materials are optional.

Waterproof design professional

The whole body of equipment adapts to SUS304 stainless steel. The sortation machine can reach IP65 and above.


● High-speed A/D converter switches data fast

● With a Swing Arm rejection system

● One computer controls multiple graders centrally

● The belt is cleaned and maintained easily

● The components adopt international brands

● Fit HACCP, IFS certification requirements

Packing and Shipping

Let us put our extensive experience in design, engineering and manufacturing to work for you.

We can provide your premium solutions and machines on time and within budget.

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Rotating Trays Grading & Combination Weigher YGW-YP-PZ


Checking Range≤500g
Sensitivity±2g~±10g(According to different quantity and weight of product will change.)
Minimum Scale0.1g
Maximum Speed30~40 times/min

Checking Size


Infeed Hoppers Size




PowerAC220V/110V ±10% 50Hz(60Hz)
Operation ModeTouch Screen
Control SystemHigh Speed A/D Sampling Module

Temperature: 0℃-40℃(with on-board air conditioner)

Humidity: 30%-95% (equipped with dehumidifier)

Products Preset100


Body MaterialStainless Steel SUS304

Additional Advantages

Additional Advantages