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Rotating Trays Grading & Combination Weigher

Experience precision and efficiency with our Rotating Trays Grading & Combination Weigher. Equipped with an innovative weight sorting system, our automated sorting machines, not only weight or quantity combinate of different products but also weight classification can also be selected.

Ideal for fruits, fish, meat, and various materials, our equipment ensures accurate weight combinations. It is suitable for a weight or quantity combination of different products and weight classification can also be selected. One machine with multiple uses.

Trust Easyweigh for reliable weight sorters and combination weighers that optimize your sorting and production processing.

  • High-speed A/D converter switches data fast
  • With a Swing Arm rejection system
  • One computer controls multiple graders centrally
  • The belt is cleaned and maintained easily
  • The components adopt international brands
  • Fit HACCP, IFS certification requirements


Model: YPZ-YP170/200/250/330
Checking Range: ≤500g/≤1000g/≤1000g/≤5000g
Accuracy: ±0.3g ~ ±1g/±2g ~ ±3g/±3g ~ ±5g/±5g ~ ±10g
Minimum Scale: 0.1g
Working Speed: ≤300pcs/min; ≤200pcs/min; ≤200pcs/min; ≤120pcs/min
Product Size:
Length: ≤150mm/≤180mm/≤230mm/≤310mm
Width: ≤80mm/≤100mm/≤100mm/≤170mm

Tray Size:
Length: 173mm/200mm/250mm/330mm
Width: 91mm/117mm/119mm/183mm
Operation: 10-inch colored touchscreen
Power Supply: AC220/110V±10% 50Hz/60Hz
Rejector: Drop
Control Module: High-Speed A/D Sampling Module
Product Preset: 100
Operating Requirement: Temperature: 0℃~40℃, Humidity:30%~95%
Main Structure: SUS304 Stainless Steel


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