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According to setting weight target, the combination weigher can combine the same or different products, to reach the total weight target.

12 Head Linear Combination Weigher YBM-12 is widely used in the production and packaging of agriculture, food and other industries.

The computer combination weigher is suitable for semi-automatic or fully automatic weighing of fresh and frozen meat, fish, chicken, vegetables and various fruits.

Key Features 

The combination of weight and quantity is optional

Not only can weigh or equip quantity but also realize the two functions at the same time.

Fit for long materials weighing perfectly

The multi head combination weigher can weigh long materials perfectly. (Such as green beans, cucumbers) It can be equipped with weight in the same direction.

The number of hoppers can be customized

14 head multi head combination weigher and 16 head multi head combination weigher are optional. The most commonly used of this kind of combination weigher is 12 hoppers.


The height distance between the belt and the feeding box can be adjusted. It adapts to fragile or long materials. The size and number of the materials in one plate can be adjusted and the total weight of the material is guaranteed to be the same.

IP65 waterproof level

The sensor is installed in the case, not under the belt. The multihead combination weigher can be washed. This design will not enter water even if it is cleaned with a Bayer water gun. The whole machine can be rinsed in ten minutes.

Alarm function

There are two alarm modes: Retraction and Lighting-up. If the target weight doesn't reach or cannot be combined, the conveyor belt will retract to convey. If the product is easily damaged, you can choose the lighting-up alarm mode.

Conveyor belts are optional

There are V-shaped, flat, and stepped. You can also choose to make it into a frosted non-slip. It is better to use a V-shaped conveyor belt for long products that need vertically placed or some easy-rolling products.


● Multi level automatic weighing instead of artificial

● Can be matched with different sizes of conveyors

● Removable tool-free belts, easy to clean and maintain

● Meet HACCP, IFS certification requirements

Packing and Shipping

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12 Head Linear Combination Weigher YBM-12


Checking Range25-500g
Minimum Scale0.1g
Conveyor Speed10~30 times/min

Checking Size


Weighing Belt Size




PowerAC220V/110V ±10% 50Hz(60Hz)
Operation ModeTouch Screen
Control SystemPLC

Temperature: 0℃-40℃(with on-board air conditioner)

Humidity: 30%-95% (equipped with dehumidifier)

Body MaterialStainless Steel SUS304

Additional Advantages

Additional Advantages