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Rotary Doypack Filling & Sealing Machine

The rotary premade pouch packing machine is highly efficient. It comes with eight stations and is compact in design, making it ideal for saving space. The machine works seamlessly with a multi-head weigher and supports a wide range of bag types, including 3-side bags, standup bags, zip-locks, gussets, spouts, bags with K bottoms, PET bags, among others.

This automatic bagging machine is commonly used for packaging granola products, liquid products, sauce products, and more.

  • 8-station increase the filling and packaging efficiency
  • Servo Motor Driven, automatically adjust bag width
  • Prevent blanking and wastage of packaging bags.
  • Sanitary design with SUS304 for the main body
  • Flexible for bags in different types and size
  • PLC & 7-inch touch screen for easy operation
  • GMP standard design and CE certificate
  • Safety design: safety door device and alarm function

Suitable for the Mainly Type of Bags

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Bag Feeding







Model: YDP-8-210/8-260/8-300
Bag Width(mm): 80~210/130-260/160-300
Bag Length(mm): 120~380/≤400/≤400
Product Weight: ≤2kg
Max. Speed: 70PPM/70PPM/65PPM
Pouch Type: 3-side seal pouch, standup pouch, zip-lock pouch, flat bottom pouch, gusset pouch, spout pouch
Control System: PLC and 7-inch Touch Screen
Air Pressure:
5-7kg/cm², 0.4m³/min;
6kg/cm², 0.4m³/min ;
6kg/cm², 0.4m³/min
Power Supply: AC220V±10% 50Hz(60Hz) 1 Phase


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