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Easyweigh – The Interpack 2023 Ended Successfully

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The Interpack 2023 had been ended successfully. Thank you to everyone who visited the Easyweigh booth at the exhibition in Düsseldorf! As a company in developing, manufacturing, and selling of checkweighers, weight graders, metal detectors, X-ray inspection systems and, combination weighers, it is thrilled to announce its participation in Interpack. Let’s review the highlight moments of our professional team in the exhibition!

Highlights in Interpack 2023

We are excited to showcase our latest products, including checkweighers and X-ray inspection systems at Interpack 2023 exhibition. Let’s introduce briefly as follow.

General Purpose Dynamic Checkweigher is applied for weighing product qualification but also detecting missing parts in the whole box. It is suitable for the majority of the packages. High accuracy and sensitivity of checkweigher ensure your production line running stable.

X-Ray Inspection System For Packaged Products is widely used in foreign body detection in Food Packaging, Pharmaceuticals, Seafood industries, etc. It not only detects metal contaminants (ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless-steel metal) but also detects glass, hard bone, ceramic, stone, dense plastics, etc.

Easyweigh commits to providing food processing, chemical, pharmaceutical, logistics, and other industries with the best quality checkweighers, weight graders, metal detectors, X-ray inspection systems and, combination weighers. Our equipment employs advanced control systems and automation technology, allowing for rapid and precise completion of various testing tasks, ensuring product quality and safety.

Our cutting-edge technology, solutions, and industry trends will be shared with customers and peers alike, as we collaborate and explore the future development direction of various industries.

We are glad to discuss potential opportunities for collaboration to create a better tomorrow and see you in Interpack 2026 in Düsseldorf!

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