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Easyweigh in the 25th China Fisheries & Seafood Expo

easyweigh in the 25th china fisheries seafood expo

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On October 27-29, 2021, the 2021 China Fisheries & Seafood Expo was held at the Hongdao International Convention and Exhibition Center in Qingdao, Shandong. The exhibition attracted businesses from various aquatic products, aquatic feeds, processing equipment, preservation technology and other industries. Easyweigh brought our latest detecting equipment to the exhibition for communication and display. We also arranged a professional team at the exhibition site to introduce products and solve problems for customers.

the booth of easyweigh

Easyweigh has corresponding solutions for every circle of the aquatic product inspection process.


1. Weighing and sorting of aquatic products

In this exhibition, we brought three models of aquatic products weighing and sorting machine: High Speed & Accuracy Weight Grader12 Head Linear Combination Weigher YBM-12 and Visual Inspection and Weight Grader. These three models are mainly used in the two processes of weighing and multi-stage sorting of aquatic products

High-speed and high-precision sorting are highlights of this equipment. It’s a perfect choice for the processing of your aquatic products.


high speed and accuracy weight grader of easyweigh

This equipment not only can weigh or equip quantity but also realize the two functions at the same time to reach the target weight.

12 head linear combination weigher of easyweigh

Visual Inspection and Weight Grader can sort products according to different sizes through visual. In addition to weight grading function, it can detect the shape of the product according to the size of the material.

easyweigh visual inspection and weight grader

2. Foreign body detection and product defect screening

Before leaving the factory, packaged aquatic products need to go through a strict detecting process. Foreign body detection and product defect screening are two essential processes. We mainly display X-Ray Inspection System for Packaged Products. Conveyor Metal Detector and General Purpose Dynamic Checkweigher YCW -210.

For aquatic products containing bones (like fish), X-Ray Inspection System has a broader range of adaptability than traditional metal detectors and meets higher detection requirements. The first design to separate the light source from the appliances makes the performance more stable. The circulating pipe cooling system can increase product life.

x ray inspection system for packaged products of easyweigh

The device has a powerful automatic learning function, simple and easy to operate. The live demonstration has won many praises.

Easyweigh conveyor metal detector

The 7-inch color touch screen operating system is easy to operate. It can match with existing production line flexibility.

front of easyweigh general purpose dynamic checkweigher

Our equipments attracted may visitors. Many visitors interested in our products had consulted information. Someone even tested our equipment personally. We answered the questions of visitors who did not know our machines patiently.


easyweigh professional team in the exhibition
many client visit the easyweighbooth

From the initial processing to the deep processing of aquatic products, aquatic products need to go through multiple detection and inspection processes. Easyweigh is a great partner for you.

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